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We manage large businesses and provide suitable advices to them. 


With our experience, expertise, and in-depth research, we provide valuable advice and full service consulting so that our clients can meet their objectives and long-term ability to achieve their mission.


Our portfolio managers act with care honesty and good faith, always in the best interest of their clients.


Whether you have only one line of business or one hundred, having the wrong business strategy in place, or an inefficient one can mean the end of doing business faster than you may think.

Al Zahra Capital will help you create a business strategy by determining your competitive advantages and focus on your strengths to dominate your industry.


We act as a corporate advisors for the brokers of Riggs and vessels serving the international offshore oil and gas industry through its worldwide affiliations. The affiliation network is being expanded with a number of major oil and gas companies.

Our services in the Oil & gas includes consultation for Rig proposals/tenders. Arranging project funding for EPC contracting projects and arranging finance for purchasing rigs/chartered vessels.

We are experienced consultants of crude oil brokerage between governments/oil companies. We are dedicated to providing solutions with innovative ideas to the ever changing requirements within the oil & gas industry.

Our understanding of the regions in which we operate, along with numerous offices strategically located in different countries are the main reasons we are able to cater to the bespoke requirements any customer needs for any given contracts


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It is said in business that we are either growing or dying. Companies that do not grow eventually fall to competitors who are taking market share and more importantly building relationships with the very clients that you could have had.


There are many benefits to having a larger company such as more revenue to invest in profitable projects or the ability to sustain short term setbacks.

Not all growth is good growth. If you grow too fast there will be cash flow issues and many growing pains. If you grow too slow, you might be out of business before you know it.

Al Zahra Capital will show you how to achieve the perfect balance of growth and help you maintain it consistently by arranging working capital. Not too fast, not too slow- just right.


AlZahra Capital's  investment managers advice  on investment strategies taking into account a client need tolerance for risk and long term goals.

We also monitor investments and provide ongoing performance reports for investors.



Structured Trade Finance

Structured Trade Finance also covers finance structures based on collateralizing the commodity primarily in Emerging Markets. These solutions are ideal for local, regional and global commodity traders, importers, exporters and manufacturers. Solutions are primarily secured by underlying assets (commodities and other) and major comfort is derived from self-liquidating nature of the transaction together with the marketability of the underlying asset and the trade finance instrument in use.


Our team is specialized in providing structured financing solutions to provide competitive medium and long-term financing solutions by using commodities (or other export flows) to achieve better financing terms and better risk profiles; and by offering open account finance to improve working capital cycle.


With our expertise, we attract investors to business opportunities in the rapidly growing  market.

We focus on rapidly market and target investments ranging between usd 100 million and usd 500 million.

Invest $ 100 million  and up to $ 500 million of equity for significant minority position or with our limited partners and co- investors we can deploy more capital in single investment.

Al Zahra Capital will help you create a business strategy by determining your competitive advantages and focus on your strengths to dominate your industry.

We are focused on Private Equity funds that transforms under performing companies into better-performing businesses, while delivering high returns to our investors.

We focus on equity stakes in different sectors such as realestate, infrastructure, construction, education and services.

Our vision is to play a meaningful role in empowering the economy of the country which we operate by building better performing companies.






We are also majorly dealing into the loan proposals such as business loans against the adequate collateral securities only against the mortgage of immovable properties and as against which the proposed finance is being arranged and/or disbursed. Such proposals also include loan against properties (which may cover agricultural, non-agricultural and properties with completed or un-completed structures)


Our services include-Productivity improvement, revenue enhancement strategies , strategic business reviews, working capital management and financial due diligenceWe provide a range of advisory and consulting services for technical, commercial and financial projects.



Protecting an organization's assets and earnings from the impact of unexpected losses is not only time consuming, but often complicated and confusing.

Our risk mangement advisory service include consultation on client debts and capital raising requirements through identification of potential lenders and investors. Also we provide assistance on aquisition.

Strategic risks have the potential to disrupt business strategy. But they can also be tremendous opportunities to achieve competitive advantage. we can help your organization discover, interpret and prepare for strategic risks that can disrupt your business or industry.




If the safety is your agenda, then you should invest in capital protected funds. For any investor loosing money is your biggest fear, capital protection fund safeguards your capital and offers returns, which is over and above the principal amount you invest. This  is a low risk scheme, it is ideal for the investors who have a long term investment plan as a maximum tenure of 3 years.

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